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From History to Nature, From Lakes to Lavender: Burdur Situated in southwest Türkiye, Burdur is at the junction of the roads connecting the Anatolian interior and the Mediterranean coast. Geographically, it is known as the Pearl of the Lakes Region, and culturally as the capital of the Teke Region, thanks to its rich folk culture and music. Burdur is an important location that brings together natural beauties such as lakes, caves, parks and plateaus, and historical and cultural values like ancient cities, mounds, caravanserais, mansions, and mosques. Burdur’s history goes back to the Palaeolithic age. The city is in the ancient Pisidia region, which includes Isparta and Antalya within its current borders. Sagalassos Ancient City and Kibyra Ancient City, one of the most significant ancient cities of the region and included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are two places you should certainly visit while in Burdur. Höyücek, the Hacılar and Kuruçay Mounds, the Ancient Cities of Kremna, Boubon, Balboura, Susuz Han, İncir Han, the Grand Mosque, Bakibey Mansion, Taş Oda Mansion, The House of Çelikbaşlar, The House of Mısırlılar, House of Piribaşlar, the Natural History Museum and one of Türkiye’s most notable museums, the Burdur Archaeology Museum, are among cultural and historical values of Burdur. Salda Lake features the turquoise hues and white sandy beaches of some of the world’s most dazzling lakes. Together with İnsuyu Cave, the first cave opened to tourism in Türkiye, these are two essential natural stops on the Burdur tour route. Burdur also presents the opportunity to ski in the winter months at the Salda Ski Centre, offering a stunning lake view. In the spring, inhale the aroma of flowers in the rose gardens of Lisinia, in the summer, the air is fragrant with the scent of lavender from the lavender valleys of Yeşilova and Akçaköy. It is almost as if you have entered a fairy tale. Burdur, also home to many rare bird species in the summer, offers great potential for nature sports in its mountains, hills, canyons and nature parks, in Burdur, Yarışlı, Karataş and the Gölhisar Lakes, as well as the Yapraklı and Karacaören Dam Lakes. Lisinia Nature, a rehabilitation centre for wild animals, is memorable as well for its intriguing structures made from wood and lavender and its aromatic gardens.


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