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Learning Turkish

  • 31/05/2021 12:34
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With its different dialects, Turkish is spoken in a much more common geography than it is thought in the world. For example, in countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Macedonia, Greece in Europe and millions of people in a vast geography in Central Asia speaks Turkish as a native or second language. In addition, according to 2018 data, Turkey's top export countries are Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, the US, Iraq, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Russia, Poland and China (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria , Iran, Greece, Egypt, Algeria).

Thus, learning Turkish is not only a condition that you should meet for your educational life in Turkey, but also an advantage after graduation. Also, no matter what language your academic education in Turkey is, speaking Turkish at a minimum level will greatly facilitate your daily life.

Turkish Proficiency

While the language of instruction in some of the universities in Turkey is English, Turkish is the main language of instruction in most universities. Although Turkish language proficiency is a prerequisite in terms of admission to many academic programs, you can also be admitted to universities without knowing Turkish. After admission to undergraduate or graduate programs at many universities, international students are given the opportunity to attend Turkish preparatory courses. For a reasonable fee, or in some cases, for free you usually get 4-6 hours of language lessons per day at different levels. At the end of the preparatory school, all students take the exam and begin the program at the university where they are admitted in the case of a certain level of language proficiency.

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