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Personal Data Protection Policy

As ABC Future Education Services Trade and Industry Limited Company (“Company”), in order to provide better service to our users, we have the title of Data Responsible within the scope of Law No. 6698 on Personal Data Protection (“Law” or “PDPL”) and legal obligations arising from the relevant legislation; We can collect and process your personal information (such as name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail, address, identity information, education information, billing and payment information) that will enable us to fulfill our aforementioned goals and legal obligations in accordance with the aforementioned laws. As so far, this personal data will be processed and kept for the periods ordered by the Law, based on your explicit consent or the exceptions granted by the Law, without being used outside of the purposes and scope specified by our Company.

The official website of the company is www.abcfuture.com.tr, also ABC Future in Google play store and ABC Future iOS applications in Apple store belong to the company.

The purposes of processing your personal data are as follows:

1. Planning and execution of the necessary activities for the promotion of the company's products and services
2. Planning and execution of corporate sustainability activities
3. Management of relations with business partners
4. Ensuring communication with potential business partners
5. Execution / follow-up of the Company's financial reporting and risk management processes
6. Management and execution of processes related to personnel employment
7. Execution / follow-up of the Company's legal affairs
8. Planning and execution of corporate communication activities
9. Execution of corporate management activities
10. Realization of company and partnership law transactions
11. Data owner demand and complaint management
12. Managing investor relations
13. Giving information from the legislation to government institutions authorized to audit the company by the provisions of the legislation
14. Transmission of form information including name, surname, mail and telephone of the people who fill out the form to get information about the universities
For the purposes of the above-mentioned data processing, our company can transfer the personal data it obtained to third parties (member workplaces, suppliers, shareholders, cooperated company or persons) in accordance with Article 8 of the Law. In this context, some of the personal data held by our Company can be shared with third parties for the purpose of auditing, business development or global operation. Your personal data is collected in electronic media and processed for the purposes listed here.
According to Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA), personal data are treated by our company;

• In accordance with the law and honesty rule,
• Correct and updated when necessary,
• For specific, clear and legitimate purposes,
• In connection with the purpose for which they are processed, limited and measured,
• Particular attention is paid to the processing of the period specified in the relevant legislation or the time required for the purpose for which they are processed, and necessary inspections are carried out for this purpose. Our company shows utmost sensitivity regarding the security of your personal data and we take all necessary technical, administrative and legal measures to protect your personal data.
As a personal data owner, you can use the rights stated below by applying to our Company, which is a Data Officer within the scope of Article 11 of the Law:

a) Learning whether his personal data is processed,
b) Requesting information regarding whether their personal data is processed,
c) Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether this data is used for the purpose,
d) To know the third parties to whom their personal data are transferred,
e) Requesting correction of personal data in case of missing or incorrect processing, requesting the request of this correction from the related third party, if the transfer has been made,
f) Requesting the deletion, destruction or anonymization of this data within 30 (thirty) days in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of the Personal Data if the reasons requiring the processing of the personal data disappear, and if the transfer is made, the third transmitted request is to be forwarded to the person,
g) To object to a negative result related to the person as a result of the processed data,
h) In the event that the loss occurs due to data processing against the law, to claim the loss within the framework of the laws.

As per the 1st clause of 13th article of PDPL, you can convey your request relating to the use of rights stated above in writing or by other means designated by the Personal Data Protection Committee to our Company.

In order to exercise your above-mentioned rights, you may deliver, in person, the necessary information evidencing your identity and your petition containing your request, or send the same through notary public or through other means designated by the Personal Data Protection Committee or transmit the same with secure electronic signature to the address abcfuture@hs04.kep.tr

Cookie Policy

Various technologies can be used to improve our website, to make it more useful, more effective and safer. These technologies can be a variety of data acquisition tools that automatically collect information that shows your access and use every time you visit our website, as well as related technologies can be used while collecting data by third parties operating on our behalf and account.Cookies, flash cookies and web analytics are examples of thes thechnologies.

Today, almost every website uses cookies. Like most websites, we use cookies to give you a better, faster and safer experience. Cookies are small text files created by websites you visit that store browsing information such as your website preferences or profile information and placed on your device. Cookies can be stored on your device via your browser during your first visit to a website. When you visit the same site again with the same device, your browser checks whether your device has a cookie registered in the name of the site. If there is a record, it transmits the data in the record to the website you are visiting. In this way, the website understands that you have visited the site before and determines the content to be sent to you accordingly.

Web traffic is analyzed through cookies and your web applications can be personalized according to your preferences. Some cookies may contain personal data (saving the username by clicking the "remember me" option when logging in). These cookies are stored only if you give your approval.

Cookies used by ABC Future Education Services do not harm your computer and are virus-free.

Cookies are used for the following purposes:
- Improve the performance of the website, making the use of the sites easier and / or faster;
- Offer new features through websites;
- Store information about you and the use of websites (on your device or browser cache);
- Monitor and understand the use of products and services;
- Improve and personalize website users' experience;
- Publish, understand and develop ads;
- Ensure websites', abcfuture.com.tr' and your security.

Types of Cookies Used on Our Website

Required Cookies
The most important cookies are essential cookies. They help you browse our website, create an account and log in.

Analytical Cookies
We use cookies to determine the number of visitors of our website. Analytical cookies are used to see how you use our website and what works and what does not work on our site, to optimize and improve our site and to make sure it continues to be interesting and relevant to you. The data obtained includes details such as the pages you view, orientation / exit pages, the type of platform you use, the date / time stamp information and the number of clicks (mouse) on the given page, your mouse movements, your image scrolling activity, the search words you use, and the texts you enter while using our site.

Blocking Cookies

To change your preferences for the use of cookies or to block or delete cookies, simply change your browser settings. Many browsers give you the option of accepting or declining cookies, accepting only certain types of cookies, or being warned by the browser when it requests to store cookies on a website or device so that you can control cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser. However, we would like to remind you that if you delete cookies and prevent future cookies from being saved to your device, you will not be able to access some of our features.

If you disable or refuse cookies, we would like to point out that some features and services on our websites will not work properly, as we cannot recognize and associate your account (s).

To turn off cookies;

You can use the "Settings / Privacy and security / Cookies / Turn off cookies" option in your browser settings in Google Chrome.
You can use the "Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / Settings / block all cookies" for Internet Explorer users.
For Firefox users, you can use the "Menu/ Options / Privacy & Security / Privacy/Cookie settings" options.

Privacy Policy

www.abcfuture.com.tr, ABC Future Mobile application acts within the framework of privacy principles. These privacy principles ABC Future Education Services have been prepared for the determination of the responsibilities of our abcfuture.com.tr site and ABC Future Mobile Applications on privacy.

Only information entry for product / service application and information update is made on our website. In order to protect the information entered on our website, the system and internet infrastructure of our company has been kept at the most reliable level and necessary precautions have been taken.

The information entered by our customers on our Website for product / service application and information update purposes cannot be viewed by other internet users. Unauthorized access to information shared by our customers is restricted, including ABC Future Education Services staff.

ABC Future Education Services will not share such information with any third parties, institutions and organizations unless it is under the consent of the customers or under a legal obligation.

ABC Future Education Services will only be able to disclose this information within the framework of necessary powers and legal regulations. When ABC Future Education Services requests regulatory agencies and / or legislative, executive organs and authorities to disclose customer information, ABC Future Education Services will only disclose this information within the required authorization.

Our Web site provides links to other websites. Our commitments in our Privacy Policy are valid only on our website and do not cover other websites. The privacy assurance and terms of use for those sites related to the use of other websites to be visited via a link from our Web Site are valid.

ABC Future Education Services is not responsible for the information use, ethical principles, privacy principles, quality and service quality of any other websites passed through our website for advertising, banners, content or other purposes, and any material / moral damages and losses that may occur on these sites.

ABC Future Education Services will ensure that these firms comply with the firm's privacy standards and requirements if they work with different organizations to provide support services. The information, materials and copyrights on our website belong to ABC Future Education Services.

All copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights regarding the information and materials other than the third-party materials contained in our Website are reserved in our company. In order to protect the privacy of our customers' personal information, our company system and internet infrastructure were kept at the most reliable level and necessary measures were taken. In addition, do not hesitate to consult our company for more information. You can obtain detailed information about the use and protection of your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act ("KVKK" “PDPL”) in order to protect your personal data.

Ticari İletişim ve Ticari Elektronik İleti Onay Formu

Bu formun onaylanması ile 6563 Sayılı Elektronik Ticaretin Düzenlenmesi Hakkında Kanun ve 15 Temmuz 2015 tarihli 29417 sayılı Resmi Gazete’de yayınlanan Ticari İletişim ve Ticari Elektronik İletiler Hakkında Yönetmelik Kapsamında ABC Future Eğitim Hizmetleri Ticaret ve Sanayi Limited Şirketi (“ABC FUTURE”) tarafından veya bir aracı firma vasıtasıyla tarafınıza ABC FUTURE Mobil Uygulaması/web sitesi üzerinden sunulan ürünlere ilişkin telefon, çağrı merkezleri, faks, otomatik arama makineleri, akıllı ses kaydedici sistemler, elektronik posta, kısa mesaj hizmeti gibi vasıtalar kullanılarak elektronik ortamda gerçekleştirilen ve ticari amaçlarla gönderilen veri, ses ve görüntü içerikli her türlü ticari elektronik ileti ile yapılacak tüm tanıtım, kampanya ve bilgilendirme mesajı gönderimini kabul etmektesiniz. ABC FUTURE tarafından gönderilen iletilerde bu hususta belirtilen yöntemle gönderim listesinden kolayca ve ücretsiz olarak çıkabilirsiniz.

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