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Who We Are

  • 28/01/2021 21:20
  • ABC Future Team

As an educational services specialized investment company; formed in 2011, we continue building on our track record proven experience, trust-worthiness, and its continued strong relationships with the most elite universities in Turkey to perform the highest level of educational, managerial, and logistics services there is for their clients worldwide while respecting the confidentiality and privacy of their data and interactions with us. Keeping to our vision, we will always commit to assisting our dear students achieve their educational goals while in a warm, family-oriented environment; our team is always there to guarantee continued support and significant reinforcement of our suite of services that instill peace of mind for our dear students.

As a result of all of our unparalleled efforts, ABC Future Company had obtained the necessary certifications from the International Standards Organization (ISO) that operates in the European Union and the United State of America and many high profile countries around the world. The certifications are:

- ISO-9001 (International certification of quality of service)

- ISO-10002 (International certification and recognition for customer satisfaction)

- ISO-27001 (International certification of privacy security)

ABC Future Company works tirelessly day and night to add more services to its arsenal of services to keep its portfolio up-to-date and improved with the latest in the advancement of technology. It also aims to obtain more certificates from ISO to add more confidence and piece of mind in the students looking to achieve their dreams.

In addition to our high-end elite educational services, ABC Future company provides exceptional educational support services to worldwide students seeking a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. in any field at the most elite universities in Turkey. 

Students are family here at ABC Future Company. We will help all students during their educational period at the university and resolve any issues that may come up during that period. We work hard at making their educational experience safe, fun, rich, and result oriented. This will stay with them throughout their life and we will always be at the center of their thoughts.

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