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Students Services

Students Services

Students are family here at ABC Future company. We will help all students during their educational period at the university and resolve any issues that may come up during that period. We work hard at making their educational experience safe, fun, rich, and result oriented. This will stay with them throughout their life and we will always be at the center of their thoughts.


First: Before attending the student to Turkey:

Presenting options to the student about the – Public - university 

specifying the papers required from him to secure final acceptance. 

- Advising and giving Consultancy to the student on the possibility of a to work with each student paper and his marks and from our experience we know how the universities preferences system work and how to choose the best choice to you from the open and the available places on it and we do our best consultancy for that

- Guidance for university - Accommodations guidance within the options provided by our office. 

- 10% discount on Turkish Airlines airline tickets.


Second: When the student attends on the ground:

- Reception and pickup from the airport. 

- University Tour Complete your registration. 

- Student Residence permit card for one year. 

- Health insurance for one year. 

- Free Turkish sim card. 

- Various supportive counseling services after registration. 

- Take advantage of the ABC Future student  social network in the field of student communication and cooperation. 

- Support Opening a bank account + money transfer account such as Western Union or MoneyGram.


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