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Partners Services

Partners Services



For more than 8 years, ABC FUTUR has partnered with universities and colleges in TURKEY and around the world for solutions to help them reach their internationalization goals. In this time, we have grown into the largest global community for study, intern and volunteer abroad programs. We offer an impressive array ABC Direct programs among a global community of more than 200 universities and colleges in TURKEY. More than 20,000 students from our member institutions have participated in our semester-long, full-year, and summer programs. With ABC, students have unmatched access to high-quality academic opportunities, authentic local experiences and exceptional support.


Partner with ABC: Our strategic partnership programs provide opportunities for corporate and educational organizations to join our mission of helping students overcome financial and academic barriers. Our strategic partnerships are unique agreements designed to empower, encourage and recognize partner efforts in their assistance in helping ISEP increase student mobility around the world. Contact our Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships to learn how you can collaborate with us.


Corporate Partnerships: Collaborate with us and increase your visibility with the ABC FUTURE network, made up of over 200 universities and colleges in TUREKY. With 1,000 new ABC FUTURE students joining our 1,000 alumni every year, your access to top talent will grow exponentially. Increase Diversity in Study in TUREKY Students of color, first generation students and STEM students are waiting for your support. Fund A Student Scholarship - ABC - has a presence in more than 50 countries. Where would you like to make an impact? Connect with - ABC - AlumniHelp us build an alumni and career services network where you can find top talent from around the world.


Learn how you can make a difference.

Student recruitment companies abroad: If you are an education consulting firm, educational institution or an advisory teacher in any country of the world and you want your students to get acceptance from the public and private universities in Turkey and benefit from our professional services. Please fill in the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Education Partnerships: We work in partnership with organizations, governments and institutions to create meaningful collaborations that expand opportunities related to our values: access, affordability, language learning, and cultural and academic immersion.

COLLABORATE WITH US Contact us to learn more about our current collaborations and to connect with our team to discuss potential partnership opportunities:


ABC FUTURE Scholarships from our partners: Explore our organization’s variety of different scholarships to help you with your study abroad expenses. You are eligible for this scholarship if you are from an ABC member or affiliate university and have demonstrated financial need. The ABC Community Scholarship supports our mission of extending access and affordability of study abroad to all students in our membership.


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