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Living expenses

Living expenses

Although it varies according to your lifestyle and preferences, life is quite affordable for students in Turkey. On this page, you will find answers to possible questions that may arise in your mind about main expenditure items of an international student.

Tuition Fee/Contribution

Turkey is a unique country in terms of offering high quality education options with very low tuition fees compared to many leading countries in higher education. The lower and upper limits of the amount of contributions to be received from international students are determined by the government and net amounts are left to the initiative of universities. For this reason, the tuition fees in Turkish universities vary according to the type of university (state or foundation), the level of the program (undergraduate or graduate), faculty (medicine, dentistry, engineering, law etc.) and the duration of education. The prices are affordable in comparison to universities of similar quality in Europe or America. Average annual tuition fees for the 2019-2020 academic year are as follows:


University Type

Average Fees / Per Year

Undergraduate (Health Programs)


$700 - $5.000

Undergraduate (Health Programs)


$10.000 - $25.000

Undergraduate (Engineering)


$200 - $1.000

Undergraduate (Engineering)


$3.000 - $9.000

Undergraduate (Other Programs)


$200 - $800

Undergraduate (Other Programs)


$3.000 - $7.000

Masters & PhD


$200 - $1.000



$3.000 – $12.000 (Per Program)



$6.000 – $40.000 (Per Program)

Tuition fees are paid before course registrations at the beginning of each semester. Each academic year consists of two semesters. In the private universities depending on your academic achievement situation, you can receive discounts or full exemptions at various rates.


Monthly budget you need to reserve for accommodation will vary between $ 35 and $ 300. State dormitories, university dormitories, private dormitories and rental flats each have varying costs. There is a monthly payment for dormitories and therefore you do not need to pay in the summer when you are not staying in the dorm. However, you will have to pay the house rent on a monthly basis, 12 months of the year.

For dormitories and rental apartments, a certain amount of deposit must be paid in the first entry. This amount may vary depending on monthly payment of the dorm or monthly rental of the apartment.

Further information about accommodation can be found on Accommodation page.

Insurance and Health Expenditures

Health insurance for international students varies between $ 30-50 per year in private policies. These private insurers allow you to receive free health services in contracted hospitals within the limits specified in the policy.

General Health Insurance payment is 980 TL ($150) per year as of 2019. With this insurance you can get free health services in all state hospitals. In private hospitals you will need to pay varying amounts of contribution.

Daily Expenditures

Student discount is offered at Cinema, theater, museum, public transport, some book houses and restaurants. Let us remind you that Turkish Airlines offers attractive discounts and special offers to students.

You can see average prices of some basic needs below:

Book and Stationery Fees (yearly): 500 TL

Mobile Phone Bill (monthly): 30-100 TL

Transportation & Entertainment

Bus/Metro ticket (One way): 25 Cents

Taxi (5 km): $ 3-4

Cinema Ticket: $ 3

Theater Tickets (State Theaters): $ 2

Opera/Ballet Tickets (State Opera and ballet): $ 3

Local music group concert: $ 5

A popular music group concert: $ 10 - 20

Football match ticket: $ 5 - 40



Bread: 25 Cents

Water (0,5 lt): (15 Cents)

Milk (1 lt): 60 Cents

Fruit juice (1 lt): 60 Cents

Eggs (10 units): $1,5

White cheese (1 kg): $ 4

Pasta (1 package): 35 Cents

Chicken (1 kg): $ 3 - 5

Red meat (1 kg): $ 8 – 10

Apples (1 kg): 50 Cents


Dining & Drinking Out

A meal in cafeteria (Public University): 20 - 50 Cents

Breakfast in University Canteen (Public University): 50 Cents

Tea in University Canteen (Public University): 20 Cents

Coffee in University Canteen (Public University): 50 Cents

Toast in University Canteen (Public University): $ 1

Omelet Menu: $ 2

Sandwich (Vegetarian): $ 2

Sandwich (with meat): $ 2

Soup: $ 1

Hamburger Menu: $ 3

Kebab menu: $ 5


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