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What is YÖS Exam

  • 14/01/2023 01:04
  • ABC Future Team
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YÖS, which is an abbreviation of the phrase (Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı), means that foreign students exam, and it is the exam for university admission to the bachelor’s level in Turkish public universities. This exam is held by the Higher Education Council of Türkiye (YÖK) and public universities according to special criteria and conditions for each institution.

Who Can Enter YÖS Exam?

1- Foreigners who do not have Turkish nationality.

2- Turkish citizens who have come out of Turkish nationality (holders of the blue card).

3- Foreigners who obtained Turkish nationality by applying for it (naturalization not origin).

4- Turkish citizens who have completed high school outside Turkey.

5- Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The Content and the Duration of the Exam

This exam consists of questions that test basic mathematical skills (algebra and geometry) and intelligence (IQ) questions. They are usually distributed as following: 35 Algebra questions, 5 Geometry questions and 40 intelligence questions (IQ).

Where the exam aims to measure the strength of thinking and general mathematical abilities of the student. It requires little and simple knowledge of grammar, knowing that you can choose the exam language from several languages, including Arabic, English, Turkish, French and Russian.

The duration of the exam ranges between 100 and 120 minutes, and the type and number of questions varies from one university to another.


Exam Date

The exam is usually held between March and August of each year by universities that announce their dates in advance and are conducted inside and outside Turkey, and the dates may vary from one university to another.


Exam Fees

It ranges between 50-150 dollars and may vary according to the university and application center.


Validity of the Exam

Most universities grant validity for two years, and there are some universities that grant validity for only one year.


Passing Grade

Often the minimum for passing the exam is 50%, and there are some universities that set minimum conditions for colleges, for example, for medicine and dentistry majors 90%, pharmacy 80% and above, and engineering majors 60% and above, and these standards differ from one university to another.


Is The Exam Mandatory for Admission to Turkish Universities?

This exam is mandatory in many public universities, as most Turkish public universities conduct this exam and accept foreign students through it, and there are other public universities that accept foreign students through the general secondary certificate or other international exams such as the SAT, ACT, IB, but the chance of acceptance With the YOS exam conducted by the university is higher than other certificates.

There are universities that do not conduct the exam, but rather accept the exam certificate of other universities (for example, the YÖS exam of Istanbul University can be accepted for about 90 other universities).


Do I Have the Right to Submit the Exam More Than Once?

A student can apply for more than one exam in the same year and for more than one university, and there is no age requirement or secondary school graduation requirement (he can apply for the YOS exam and obtain it until he can obtain a high school certificate).


Is The High School Average Calculated with The YÖS?

While the result of the YOS exam is calculated, the high school average is not calculated in most universities, and it varies according to the admission criteria of each university.


Is the type of Certificate (Scientific, Literary, Vocational, etc.) Important for Submission?

No, it is enough to have a general secondary certificate according to the required rates. In other words, you can study medicine with a vocational high school diploma.


How Can I Prepare and Study for The Exam?

ABC Future for Educational Services, through its academic branch (Punto Academy), offers you preparatory courses for the YOS exam in Arabic, Turkish, French and English under the supervision of an educational staff with long experience in teaching YOS curricula to foreign students, in addition to special courses for teaching the Turkish language.


How to Take the Exam Outside Türkiye?

Our company, through its cooperation with Turkish public and private universities, conducts YÖS exams in several countries outside Turkey. It also provides a comprehensive follow-up service for admission to Turkish public universities with professionalism and seriousness, which guarantees you university admission in the required choice.

You Can Get FREE Admission From Private Universities.

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